Tuesday, 4 February 2014

Bargain Read: What a Rancher Wants - Sarah M Anderson*

When it comes to the Texas Cattleman's Club, what a rancher wants, a rancher gets...
Nothing's come easy to Chance McDaniel since his best friend betrayed him. And when the deception explodes into a Texas-sized scandal, his best friend's sister, Gabriella del Toro, shows up to pick up the pieces. Now Chance's luck is about to change. He wants this innocent beauty, and seducing her has become his top priority. 
Gabriella's sheltered upbringing has always left her wanting more. Now, with this rich rancher, she sees a chance to break free. But will the web of deception her family has woven ensnare her yet again?
Firstly, an apology, I've been so bogged down with my degree and my job that I haven't had much time to blog or even to read this last month, but I'm back and I'm making it up to you with a bargain read. Aren't I the best?

Harlequin novels are, for me, the epitome of a bargain read. You always know what you're going to get and with the huge array of categories on offer there is a book for everyone. Having said that I really don't read as many as I should and I'm definitely going to get on that.

What a Rancher Wants was a perfect little romance that lasted me my train ride home and kept me very entertained. The book is the ninth in a continuing series, the 'Texas Gentleman's Club: the Missing Mogul', but is a perfectly enjoyable standalone novel too. What the Rancher Wants is a cowboy story for the 21st century, with a little mystery thrown in for good measure. Chance, from the tip of his cowboy boots to his snug Levis and his m'am manner, is the perfect all American cowboy. Gabriella is the princess in dire need of rescuing and experiencing life. 

The relationship between Chance and Gabriella is a slow starter with some initial trust issues and some hidden agendas. However, it soon builds to some considerable passion and we get to see the journey of both characters. Their relationship brings out the sweet and protective side in cowboy Chance and gives Gabriella the confidence to start living her life. Unusually for a Harlequin, this isn’t the only relationship explored in the novel. Gabriella and her bodyguard Joaquin offer a really sweet friendship, offering up plenty of laughs that helps to balance the mystery and romance that streaks through the plot.

The series is on-going and it’s definitely one that I want to complete to find out what’s really going on with Gabriella’s brother, Alex. Considering that a different author writes each book in the series I think that there is enough consistency there to keep people hooked and I know that I want to go back to the beginning and start the whole series.

I like to keep my bargain read selections under the cost of most magazines and with most magazines quickly reaching the £4 mark I'm happily recommending What a Rancher Wants, only £3.11 on the Kindle or £3.19 in paperback, as this month's selection.

*Copy received from the author in return for an honest review, What a Rancher Wants is published today.

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