Monday, 24 March 2014

Review: Run to You - Rachel Gibson*

Ex-marine Beau Junger likes fast cars and loud music. His body is covered in tattoos and makes girls go weak at the knees. But Beau's not interested in love this year: No women. No sex. No complications. His only worry is saving Stella Leon.

Stella doesn't need saving. She's always been independent, confident, strong. At least on the outside. And she definitely doesn't need a man. After all, she's never known one she could depend on.

But when Beau turns up and spirits her across state to meet her estranged sister, everything changes. They've both got their demons to face, but as the southern heat brings tensions sizzling to the surface, something sparks between them. This tough guy has finally met his match - and they're both about to fall harder than a ton of red-hot bricks...

Rachel Gibson is one of my go to authors as she always guarantees a fun and romantic read and Run to You is no different.

Run to You is full of action and emotion. Stella is happy toiling a way in a bar when Beau comes strolling into her life after being hired to take her to meet her estranged sister. Things soon get out of hand as Stella and Beau end up trying to keep their distance from the mafia and reach Sadie, Stella's sister, in one piece. Cooped up in a car together whilst driving across the country, the sexual tension between Stella and Beau begins to mount and we're soon drawn into their budding relationship.

Stella is what I've come to expect from a Gibson heroine, she's fun, she's feisty and she doesn't need a man to get by - although she wouldn't say no to the right one, should he come along. Beau is your typical alpha hero, a man of few words but still possessing that charisma and magnetism that draws you to him. Toughened by his time in the Marines, Beau finds it hard to let go and is becoming worryingly close to becoming all that he dreads; his father.

The narrative is split between Stella and Beau, something that I always enjoy as it's nice to see the romance blossom on both sides. Both characters are incredibly witty and the story is peppered with quite a few laugh out loud moments. There is also plenty of steam in Gibson's latest, however, you'll need to prepare for some, er... unusual sex talk.

There did seem to be a faint whiff of the dreaded 'insta-love' surrounding the story and I occasionally felt that Beau and Stella only really belonged together because we were told that they did. Stella and Beau make great friends, you can definitely see why they're drawn to each other, but even at the end of the novel I wasn't really buying them as a long-term couple.

Whilst undeniably not my favourite of Gibson's I still enjoyed Run to You. Just as you'd expect from this successful author, Run to You is a read full of romance, humour and adventure.

*ARC received from the publisher in return for an honest review, Run to You is published on 27th March.

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