Tuesday, 7 May 2013


I now have a Goodreads account uniquely affiliated with this blog. This makes it a bit easier for me to rate books in terms of the traditional 'stars' and also offers an easier way for you all to recommend books to me and keep up with what I am currently reading.

In order to set my Goodreads off to a decent start I have rated some romance books I've read in the past. However, a lot of these I read in the distant past so I cannot really recall the extent to which I liked them or not. Consequently, I am going to set about attempting to re-read the majority of those that I have already read (gulp) in order to give them a more accurate personal rating as well as an in-depth review for your reading pleasure.

If there are any books you'd really like me to get to ASAP or even some new novels that you'd really like me to review feel free to message me, either at rosiereadsromance@gmail.com or add me on Goodreads here!


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